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Care of Clubs

67 Mercedes-Benz brand clubs worldwide

Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Club International GmbH (MBCCCI) is the central umbrella organization for all Mercedes-Benz brand clubs.

The members of the brand clubs are indispensable ambassadors of the brand with the three-pointed star. MBCCCI coordinates this global PR potential and ensures a consistent and likeable style in public appearances.

The numerous activities coordinated by MBCCCI strengthen the bonds between the clubs and the Mercedes-Benz brand. The members


- Foundation and management of a central Mercedes-Benz Club organization.

- Definition, compilation, implementation and monitoring of the rights and obligations which are contractually agreed between MBCCCI and the associated clubs.

- Coordination of DaimlerChrysler and Mercedes-Benz Club events anywhere in the world.

- Monitoring of observance of CI/CD guidelines by the Mercedes-Benz Clubs at public events, taking the specified quality standards into account.

- Planning, organization and staging of own events for Mercedes-Benz Clubs.

- Support and consultancy for the clubs' public relations work with the aim of strengthening the Mercedes-Benz brand image.

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