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SL Early Bird In The EastRun: 23 Oct 2005

By Chris Lawson, SL Register Captain

Early Bird In The East Run

My first task this month is to thank with extreme joy all of the participants in our SL Early Bird In The East Run. As the hour was very early, it was good to see some forty souls managed to wrench themselves from their warm beds and appear at Chirnside Shopping Centre at 8am on Sunday, 23rd October.

This run was never designed as a navigation test, nor an observation run. It was in fact a social fun run. We proceeded with some haste (well for some of us) through Healesville to Marysville. A trip of about 3/4 of an hour through some of Victoria's finest scenery, and it was especially fine and especially colourful in Spring.

Brunch was at the Kooringa Resort and Conference Centre. They put on a fine homely spread, with all the niceties of a country breakfast. We had the mandatory raffle during brunch. There was much chatter, hopefully on the matter of motoring but I rather doubt it.

At eleven, some of us moved about thirty seconds up the road to Bruno's Gallery.

Club Events

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